“The end-product must be tested for a proper result, and according to Dr. Markus Roggen, the President and CSO of Delic Labs, the end-product for a vape pen is the vapor. To do this, lab tests can ensure that a vape pen will deliver a good dose…”

“Cannabis vaping is gaining in popularity, particularly among the younger demographic of cannabis consumers. But as vaping rates increase, so too do concerns over whether the products are being tested…”

the science behind the perfect joint

“This article will detail our investigations into engineering the best pre-roll. We focus on cannabis milling, particle size and packing density for the perfect pre-roll. And we give some tips and tricks of how to scale…”

cannabis testing vape smoke

“Full analyses of formed aerosols are key to gain a greater understanding of vaporizer use and have recently been developed in our research laboratory at CBDV. The technique of smoke analysis…”

cannabis ash

“The smoke color, either white or black, was controlled originally by burning dry (white) or damp (black) straw. Today additives are used to control the smoke color: Black smoke is achieved by including…”

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