Peer Reviewed and White Papers

Optimizing the CBD Crystallization Process Using the Crytal16 Multiple Reactor System

By: Markus Roggen, Ph.D.

A Randomized, Triple-Blind, Comparator-Controlled Parallel Study Investigating the Pharmacokinetics of Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol in a Novel Delivery System, Solutech, in Association with Cannabis Use History

Authors: Volker Berl, Yasmin L. Hurd, Bruce H. Lipshutz, Markus Roggen, Eric J. Mathur, and Malkanthi Evans

Fast, Easy, and Reliable Monitoring of THCA and CBDA Decarboxylation in Cannabis Flower and Oil Samples Using Infrared Spectroscopy

Sajni Shah, Ali Wasti, and Dr. Markus Roggen; DELIC Labs, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Greg Kozadjian, Jean‑Louis Cabral, and Yanqia Wang; Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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