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“Vancouver Delic Corp. and Delic Labs are currently conducting research into psilocybin, or magic mushrooms, which has shown promise as an alternative therapy for various mental health issues…”

“Chemistry is an interesting field as it is concerned with the changes of molecules. Vape pens cause the oil to heat up although it doesn’t always boil or burn. Instead the oil will change…”

“The FTIR spectroscopy technique has long been used to analyze complex spectra and matrices using chemometric methodology. Unique chemical signatures from each compound are used to develop…”

“Sometimes, cannabis is a gateway drug—and in the case of chemical research, that might not be a bad thing. Our research with cannabis served as a training ground to get us ready to work with psilocybin mushrooms…”

“Delic Labs will be an integral pillar of the Delic ecosystem and will produce evidence-based psilocybin and cannabis treatments in innovative product forms, providing great benefits for those suffering from…”

“The poisonous chemical components of molds found in crops like cannabis, wheat, rice, and corn are called mycotoxins. A few hundred mycotoxins exist, and they are difficult to detect in their naturally complex fungal…”


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