Knowledge Centre

Welcome to the Delic Labs Knowledge Center.  Below you will find links to our various knowledge databases and published works.


Do you want to learn more about cannabis and psychedelics? Take a look through Delic Labs’ published articles where we discuss a wide range of topics from delta-8 THC to whether mushrooms have an entourage effect.

White Papers

Delic Labs has worked with multiple instrumentation partners and their technology in the cannabis and psychedelic space. Click here to see the possibilities.


Curious about cannabis extraction or looking for tips on your own start-up? Listen to interviews with the President and CSO, Dr. Markus Roggen


Browse through Delic Labs’ lectures to see what we’re up to. From conferences attended in the past years, our lectures have something interesting for everyone.

Ask an Expert

Do you have a question about cannabis? Watch Dr. Markus Roggen answer questions posed by the public.

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