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Why test with us?

Our analyses will give you the insight you need to develop the next best product. As a Health Canada licensed cannabis and psychedelic analytical laboratory, we can provide you with the exact chemical makeup of your product, at a level of detail beyond the basic compliance testing required by Health Canada.

  • Personalized Service

    We offer a complimentary consultation call with us to discuss how to adapt the tests to meet your specific needs and sample sizes.

  • Sophisticated Instruments

    We have access to state-of-the-art instruments and university facilities. All test orders include the original data files from testing instrument and PDFs.

  • Scientific Expertise

    Our team of award-winning chemists and data scientists will get you where you want to be with your product. For analysis of your test results, hourly consulting services are available.

Complimentary Consultation

We offer a complimentary consultation call with one of our scientists to help you choose the right tests. We will discuss how to adapt the tests to your needs and sample sizes.

Cannabis Tests

Please note that all prices are in CAD and testing services of cannabis and controlled substances are only available to companies licensed by Health Canada.

This test captures gasses and aerosols formed during smoking and vaping. Coupled with an analysis on Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (GCMS) instrument, the results identify and quantify compounds present within the formed aerosols. We can support your toxicological studies, improve the safety of your products, and help tailor the smoking experiences for your consumers.


This test uses high-resolution Liquid Chromatography (LC) and Mass Spectroscopy (MS) instruments to identify the flavonoids, phenolics, and flavanols in your sample.


This test uses high-resolution Liquid Chromatography (LC) and Gas Chromatography (GC) instruments to reveal all the metabolites in your product. It can help determine sample purity and consistency of compounds beyond just THC and CBD. Possible avenues of exploration include taxonomy of chemovars, plant cultivation optimization, and assessment of cannabis-based sources of bioactivity in medicine.


Receive a chemical fingerprint of the composition of your product. This test characterizes, quantifies, and assesses the purity of single compounds or mixtures in solutions or solid states. The results can identify unknowns in formulations and offer insights into possible future improvements of the product.


This test measures the heat transfer during chemical reactions and can help determine the kinetics of a reaction. Calorimetry is an integral part of process scale-up and chemical engineering. Alternatively, in conjunction with other tests, a comparative study of the amphipathic interactions of your products with biological membranes can be determined. 


This test determines the temperature at which a compound moves from the solid to the liquid state. Understanding this element of the product’s behavior can assist with product characterization, manufacturing, and packaging. Using the proper temperatures for packaging materials that get heated and change physical state, such as lip balms, is critical for maintaining the integrity and intended effects of the product. 


This test is used for general identification of sample compounds by determining functional groups within each compound. It can be used to characterize different cannabis cultivars to help you match the right material to the optimal conditions for production. 


Read this article to learn how IR can support your production processes.

This test measures the size and size distribution of particles in a sample. This is an important test used in quality control and product development. It can be used to establish the particle size in powders, like CBD isolate, where exact sizing is important for bioavailability. Particle sizing also supports research projects in extraction optimization and pre-roll manufacturing.


Read this article to learn how to optimize extraction processes with particle sizing.

Read this article to learn how particle sizing can improve pre-roll manufacturing.

These tests provide information about the crystal structure, chemical composition, and the physical properties of your product.


Results offer detailed information on the atomic structure of compounds. Single crystals are required for a successful analysis and must be provided by the client. 



Instead of single crystals, powder samples are probed for information on atomic structure, identification, and sample purity. Powder samples can be mixtures and thus are easier to create than single crystals, but the structural information provided in the results is less comprehensive that when using the single crystal method.


This test uses a rheometer to test the viscosity of your samples. Knowing the viscosity of your products can be valuable in learning more about how to improve your products and their application. This can be beneficial to a wide array of products from creams to vape cartridge formulations.


This process docks ligands into a protein model, resulting in protein-ligand complexes.


(With Schrodinger Glide): analysis of provided or publicly available crystal structure into defined binding pocket with top 5 poses (if applicable) reported, results provided in .pdb format.



(With Schrodinger Prime): analysis of provided or publicly available crystal structure into defined binding pocket with top 5 poses (if applicable) reported, results provided in .pdb format 


This test uses a Jasco P-2000 polarimeter to measure the angle of rotation caused by passing polarized light through an optically active substance. This is useful for verifying that your material has the right natural configuration or a high purity of the component you desire. In addition, it can be a great way to check the quality of your products and can be a useful tool for quality control.


This test and analysis package allows for comprehensive analysis of the sample’s genome, focused on trait areas with the highest commercial impact and value. Gain new insights into your plant’s genome and leverage them to improve production and business outcomes.


Our team of chemists will perform an analysis of your cannabis test data and results for you. This service solely includes discussions regarding the tests DELIC Labs offers. 


Looking for tests not listed here? Contact us and we will work to find it for you.

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