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Data Analytics for Cannabis Extraction

Our Data Science team can save you time, money, and resources. We can improve your operations by leveraging our proprietary extraction algorithms developed through one of the largest and most diverse databases of cannabis extraction runs.

Data is imported into CBDV’s extraction optimization platform from your extraction runs and sensor data. Procedures are then optimized using our algorithms and sent to you for implementation.

Process Improvements for Cannabis Extraction

With our diverse knowledge of chemistry, statistics, and data analytics, we optimize your cannabis extraction operations to increase your yield, throughput and purity of oil. This includes recommendations for the right solvent system, optimal settings on your instruments, predictive maintenance and eliminating of extra steps, like winterization.

We develop and implement the most cost-efficient extraction and refinement processes for your operations.

We incorporate in-process analytics to ensure highest efficiency and consistency, while minimizing waste.

We define and source large-scale extraction and refinement steps and instrumentation for your product needs.

We can design a highly efficient and precise method to obtain very pure CBD, significantly better than industry standard.

Understanding best methods for extraction using various solvents to minimize residue and unwanted compounds as well as decreasing costs of production.

Cannabis Product Innovation,
Research & Development

Combining our expertise in chemistry, process analytics, and cannabis, we help you improve the design, formulation, purity, and packaging of your products.

We aid you in designing the next product and hardware category to win market share. Our scientists have developed novel inhalation and ingestion products that revolutionize the industry.

We develop and implement high-precision analysis on your products to ensure product consistency. We would also characterize and quantify product consumption profiles, like the inhaled smoke of a joint or vape cartridge.

We help design the right packaging for your products to ensure consistency, safety, and longevityFor example, the right gas atmosphere is of paramount importance to the ‘freshness’ of your products.

Computational Modelling

For your more complex and detailed chemistry questions, our team of organic and computational chemists can help. We offer database mining, virtual screening, hit identification, and compound optimization. Find out how long before molecules degrade and what they become.

Ground state energy calculations, transition state calculations, ab-initio quantum chemistry calculations, and molecular dynamics simulations. If you want to know which molecules are formed or how you arrive at the desired compounds, this offers a first, cost-effective approach.

Read this article to learn how computational chemistry helps solve fundamental cannabis processes.

Provide likely protein targets, binding sites, and calculation of protein-ligand binding free energy for your ligand. These methods offer significant cost savings to brute force in-vitro screening, allowing you to focus on the high probability of success ligands.

Scientific and Business Consulting: Full Access to Experts

Our experienced team of consultants and scientists can deliver keynote speeches, guest lectures, and data-driven advice on your operation.

Our Standard Operating Procedures templates can aid with applying for cannabis or other controlled substance certification with Health Canada.

 We run cost-benefit analysis, feasibility reports, investment consulting (plant, equipment, labor, etc.), cost structuring, product strategy (positioning, marketing, pricing) and market research (competitors, pricing, positioning, industry trends).  

Our award-winning chemists are available for keynote speeches and guest lectures.

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