In this op-ed, Dr. Roggen et al. propose a system for websites like Leafly that would allow its users to share revenue from their content and personal data, enabling a higher sense of trust, credibility and ultimately more value for every stakeholder involved.

“Delic Labs will be an integral pillar of the Delic ecosystem and will produce evidence-based psilocybin and cannabis treatments in innovative product forms, providing great benefits for those suffering from…”

“Dr. Eric Janusson is an analytical organometallic chemist specializing in real-time methods for the quantification and characterization of sensitive chemical intermediates. A long-time resident of…”

“CBDV has shown they have the foresight to see what is needed in industries before it is normal practice. We expect to see the same professional expertise they show in cannabis, in this new psychedelic industry…”

“The firm specializes in highly restricted, underresearched botanicals like cannabis and recently obtained a license to work with psilocybin from psychedelic mushrooms. CEO Markus Roggen, an organic chemist who…”

“Joining forces with CBDV is a foundational transaction for DELIC. Science and research is the backbone of the psychedelic renaissance and adding the talent, know-how and expertise of CBDV will bear…”

cannabis business strategies

“The spectacular rise and crash of the Canadian cannabis stock market has been painful to watch, let alone to experience as an industry insider. The hype around the market has vanished…”

big pharma cannabis industry

“The cannabis industry is still finding its footing, but Big Pharma and Big Ag have already figured out how to handle contaminants in the production process. In pharmaceutical production, toxic heavy metals…”

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