You’ve probably heard of the entourage effect with cannabis. Since psilocybin mushrooms also have terpenes, does that also mean they have an entourage effect?
Psilocybin and the active (makes you trip) molecule psilocin are rarely studied in analytical labs. As a result, there were no validated methods to determine the purity of these samples- until we made one.
Ever wonder what smoke and vape tests are used for? #AskAnExpert
Sometimes, cannabis is a gateway drug—and in the case of chemical research, that might not be a bad thing. Our research with cannabis served as a training ground to get us ready to work with psilocybin mushrooms.
In this written Q&A, Dr. Roggen discusses the importance of understanding psilocybin’s chemistry, getting licensed to research psilocybin by Health Canada, and the similarities and differences of cannabis vs. psilocybin research. The interview also covers psilocybin’s growing prevalence and popularity, the unknowns that researchers hope to understand, and more!

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