“Data is rarely free. It often has an opportunity (capital or labour) cost associated with its collection; it is an investment and as many have experienced, not all investments work out. “

“One could think of cannabis or hemp concentrates in a similar light. Whether ethanol, butane, or supercritical CO2 extraction, the goals of these extraction techniques are the same – to gain access and harvest…”

“CBDV developed an extraction optimization process and have accumulated a large and diverse database of cannabis extraction runs. This database has allowed the data scientists’ team at CBDV to…”

cannabis extraction optimization

“Data analytics in sports was once a new, experimental concept before it was embraced. In the cannabis market, data analytics is a relatively new tool in our arsenal that can vastly improve our understanding of extraction…”

cannabis testing and extraction

“Markus tells us about his slightly reluctant entry into the industry, the maddening inefficiencies in current extraction protocols, and his mission to put solid science at the heart of the industry…”

preparation for cannabis extraction

“The Fritsch Pulverisette 19 is utilized to finely mill cannabis plant material in preparation for SFE processes. The efficient and precise reduction in particle size optimizes oil…”

cannabis extraction cultivation

“Cannabis has a long history of half-truths, incomplete data and criminalization. What it does not have is a track record of peer-reviewed research, industry expertise and collaboration between the private…”

best practices for cannabis extraction safety

“​Cannabis extraction has a dark history of burned-down apartment buildings, exploded cabins, toxic byproducts in extracts, and oils of questionable quality. With a maturing industry that is stepping out…”

pure cannabis oil tips

“​Right now, “clear” oil is hot. Customers have been led to believe that a pale gold extract is synonymous with the best possible cannabis concentrate, which is not necessarily the case…”

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