White paper with Technobis on the use of Crystal16 to develop crystallization conditions for CBD.
Increasingly, data is seen as the holy grail of a modern business. Data evangelism has swept the media. Dr. Tom Dupree explains why this is a problematic way of thinking. “Useful data can be turned into insight; useless data is an opportunity loss.”
Whether filtered coffee, French press, or espresso, all methods for brewing involve the central process of extraction. Each brewing method requires a consistent and ideal size of grind, ranging from coarse to super fine, and each extraction method calls for uniform coffee particles in order to deliver the unique characteristics of the brew.One could think of cannabis or hemp concentrates in a similar light. 
Supercritical CO2 extraction plays a significant role in the cannabis industry. However, there are many factors that affect extraction outcomes, such as extractor temperature and pressure, flow-rate, and separator conditions. DELIC Labs developed a large and diverse database of cannabis extraction runs. This database has allowed the data scientists’ team at DELIC Labs to save clients time, money, and resources.
Data analytics in sports was once a new, experimental concept before it was embraced. In the cannabis market, data analytics is a relatively new tool in our arsenal that can vastly improve our understanding of extraction.
The efficiency and quality of cannabis extracts is directly affected by how the cannabis is milled before extraction. Read here how and why.
When revenue is falling, most companies want to reduce material costs. But before you do that, consider: have you addressed all of your production inefficiencies?
A peer-reviewed article published by Dr. Markus Roggen on a 7-step approach to product safety and production efficency.
There are many common inefficiences when it comes to cannabis extraction; many of which can easily be overcome. We look at how companies like outco and fritsch have optimized their extraction processes.
Many risks associated with extraction facilities burning down or literally exploding are being addressed as the cannabis industry matures. But reduced risk does not mean no risk. Dr. Markus Roggen provides 5 tips to ensure safety in extraction labs.
Consumers have been lead to believe that if an extract is clear, then it must be pure. Dr. Markus Roggen explains why this is not the case. In fact, many of these clear extracts have more added solvents.

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