“Chemistry is an interesting field as it is concerned with the changes of molecules. Vape pens cause the oil to heat up although it doesn’t always boil or burn. Instead the oil will change…”

“The FTIR spectroscopy technique has long been used to analyze complex spectra and matrices using chemometric methodology. Unique chemical signatures from each compound are used to develop…”

“The poisonous chemical components of molds found in crops like cannabis, wheat, rice, and corn are called mycotoxins. A few hundred mycotoxins exist, and they are difficult to detect in their naturally complex fungal…”

“The conversion of CBD to delta-8 THC is not perfectly clean if conditions are imprecise. There can be CBD left over or some delta-9 THC intermediate. Speaking of testing protocols, distinguishing between delta-9…”

“Unadulterated cannabis concentrates can contain unknown substances depending on how they were produced. One compound that recently appeared is known as Delta-10-THC, an almost entirely…”

“A thorough cannabis product development process goes far beyond extracting and packaging. Performing advanced analytical testing at each and every stage allows producers to know the quantity…”

“Active cannabinoids are normally formed from acidic ones through a process known as decarboxylation. That is when the acid group falls off of the THCa molecule and leaves behind active THC…”

“After 56 years, an isomer of THC, Delta-10-THC, was identified in cannabis extract for the first time. But, how many different variations and isomers of THC are truly in cannabis, and how many more can…”

analytical testing cannabis

“CBDV uses industry-leading instrumentation and chemical expertise to analyze cannabis material with more in-depth analysis and technology than basic compliance testing laboratories…”

“We spoke with CLN’s contributing scientist, Dr. Markus Roggen, to gain a more precise understanding of cannabis labelling. We were surprised to learn the involvement behind interpreting a THC quantity…”

“Cannabis legalization in Canada was celebrated with botched attempts to write various new laws. It was a rough ride bearing witness as our justice and health departments struggled to make up rules…”

cannabis compliance testing

“Compliance testing is designed to ensure safety, and for good reason, but it is currently insufficient at determining the quality, consistency and process improvements. As the above factors are necessary for…”

THC and CBD decarboxylation

“Tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) and cannabidiol acid (CBDA), the two crucial organic components in cannabis and hemp, decarboxylate at different rates to their more active neutral forms. Theoretical calculations are used…”

cannabis milling

“One aspect of extraction we found intriguing to study early on was the particle size of cannabis flower, and what effect it might have on the extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes…”

data analytics cannabis industry

“Products based on cannabis extracts are the fastest growing segments in the market. The demand for more cannabis extracts is constantly growing and so is the price pressure…”

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