Many in the cannabis industry are skeptical of big pharma; and sometimes for good reason! But there many things they get right (and that we are currently struggling with). If we want to survive as long as big pharma companies, we need to learn from them.
The cannabis industry is filled with people who make incorrect assumptions based on anecdotes and incomplete data. And Dr. Markus Roggen is not immune. What makes a good scientist is a willingness to prove yourself wrong- and thats exactly what he did. Its a willingness to prove ourselves wrong that will help the industry progress.
Most extraction methods are just upscaled versions of what your college roomate used 30 years ago. Dr. Markus Roggen points out that we have the ability to make these processes more efficient to save time and money in the long run. But people are so focused on the “gold rush” of the cannabis industry that nobody is stopping to think what they are doing.
As different cannabis products have differing potency levels, knowing the potency of a product is important for determining the correct dosage. Currently, chromatography is used for potency testing of cannabis products. We teamed up with Agilent to show that FTIR spectroscopy can also be used to further enhance these testing processes.
“If you spend top dollar on a top shelf flower bud, you have a right to know how long it will stay dank”, Dr. Markus Roggen argues. Testing procedures, the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes on the body, and regulations surrounding the industry are always being talked about, but nobody seems to talk about best before dates and product stability.

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