The Dark Side of Psychedelic Research, and How We Can Improve

Following the release of footage showing a patient in a study conducted by MAPS being inappropriately touched by two therapists, all Health Canada-approved MDMA trials have been halted for review. Multiple other participants have come forward with negative experiences, practitioners have pointed out flaws in the therapeutic techniques being used, and scientists have pointed out mishandlings of data representation in publications put out by research groups. As critical supporters of psychedelic research, we point out ways we can improve to ensure it is being done in the most ethical way possible and to ensure the industry survives as more than just another fad.  
The original article can be found at: Terpenes and Testing Magazine

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Ever wonder what smoke and vape tests are used for? #AskAnExpert
As different cannabis products have differing potency levels, knowing the potency of a product is important for determining the correct dosage. Currently, chromatography is used for potency testing of cannabis products. We teamed up with Agilent to show that FTIR spectroscopy can also be used to further enhance these testing processes.

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