You think you are rolling the best joints? We tested!
Data analytics in sports was once a new, experimental concept before it was embraced. In the cannabis market, data analytics is a relatively new tool in our arsenal that can vastly improve our understanding of extraction.
The vape crisis was the outbreak of E-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury. It was linked to the toxic organic compounds that are formed when vitamine e acetate and other compounds found in vape oils are exposed to heat. The crisis demonstrated the need for aerosol analysis if want to ensure the safety of consumers in the industry.
 In an interview from the Emerald Conference 2020, Dr. Markus Roggen tells us about his slightly reluctant entry into the industry, the maddening inefficiencies in current extraction protocols, and his mission to put solid science at the heart of the industry.
The efficiency and quality of cannabis extracts is directly affected by how the cannabis is milled before extraction. Read here how and why.
Science is not believing in an answer, but testing asumptions and correcting if needed.
When revenue is falling, most companies want to reduce material costs. But before you do that, consider: have you addressed all of your production inefficiencies?
A peer-reviewed article published by Dr. Markus Roggen on a 7-step approach to product safety and production efficency.

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