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CBDV Begins Psilocybin Research


CBDV will develop analytical methods for psilocybin and identify new medicinally relevant mushroom metabolites.

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, January 14 2021. Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures Ltd. (“CBDV” or the “Company”), a licensed cannabis and psilocybin research laboratory specializing in extraction, chemical analytics, and process optimization is pleased to announce that Health Canada has granted a Section 56 exemption allowing the Company to develop new analytical methods for psilocybin mushrooms and study their metabolites.

CBDV will immediately conduct research on metabolomics identification and develop analytical methods to enable precisely defined psilocybin mushroom extracts that allow for future mushroom-based medication.

“We have been doing precision chemistry for cannabis and now we will do it with psilocybin. Being able to precisely identify metabolites and then create efficient analytical methods would be of great value to medicinal research and future potential treatments”, stated Dr. Markus Roggen, CEO of CBDV.

Psilocybin mushrooms offer considerable medical potential and are of growing interest to the pharmaceutical industry. As this research area is still in its infancy, current methods for the quantification of medically relevant mushroom metabolites are not sufficiently optimized to meet the stringent requirements for medicinal testing.

About CBDV

Based at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, CBDV is a licensed cannabis and psilocybin research laboratory focused on extraction, analytical testing, and chemical process development. Founded by award-winning chemists, Dr. Markus Roggen and UBC Professor Glenn Sammis, CBDV supports the cannabis industry with high precision chemical analytics and metabolomics identification.

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